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Tina Marie Bergen is a fitness expert who combines a specialized education and knowledge with a broad spectrum of experience in exercise, pilates and strength training. Her mission is to help individuals attain their desired goals of health and fitness. In addition to working as a personal coach, exercise physiologist and business owner, Tina’s professional experience includes having written, narrated and appeared as the featured Exercise/Pilates Expert in a series of DVDs distributed nation wide, as well as contributing to and being featured in numerous magazine articles.


Firefly Pilates is a private Pilates studio located just two blocks from the beach. It’s a beautiful, peaceful and invigorating space to enjoy a workout.There’s lots of natural light, high ceilings, dark hard wood floors and four huge windows that line the studio, allowing tranquil ocean breezes to flow through its windows.

Tina’s approach is a customized, balanced program that combines training and education integrating pilates, strength, cardio, yoga, stretch, dance and stability ball – from a personal “Coach”.Working with clients from 5 to 92, her knowledge of body structure and movement results in a program that is both gentle and prevents injury, while gradually improving strength, flexibility, posture, cardiovascular health and stress management.

Learn more about Firefly Pilates by visiting their website.

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